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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Xbox One Versus PlayStation 4, A Clash of The Titans

Who Will be the Winner of Xbox One Versus PlayStation 4 Showdown?

Right after the announcement of both the giants in gaming console industry, geeks are interested in a showdown of Xbox versus PlayStation 4. As on 21st of May, Xbox One has been announced by Microsoft.  An announcement, which came nearly 3 months after Sony announced it’s PlayStation 4 three months earlier in February this year.

An Infographic About the Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

A virtual artist from the Philippines, Ralph Cifra has created an infographic of Xbox One versus PlayStation 4. This infographic gives us a very good comparison of the two next generation giants of the gaming console industry. As we scroll down, we came to know that there are still many features, which remain unknown about the PlayStation 4 as compared to the new Xbox One features, which are at this point completely unveiled.

In Redmond, Microsoft showed off the might and magic of its new Xbox One and facilitated hands-on with it to many professionals. However, in this fight of Xbox One versus PlayStation 4, Sony still has to reveal most of its specifications to offer a complete comparison with the Xbox One.

Infographic Showdown of Xbox One Versus PlayStation 4


After this long list of the comparison of the new Xbox One with the PlayStation 4. Even though most of the features regarding the PlayStation 4 are unknown, still we cannot call any of the ones to be the winner. It’s a close tie on the features, which are known so far. Let's wait for the final unveiling of the PlayStation 4 and see, which one has got the real muscle. Do let us know in the comments about what do you feel, who will be the ultimate winner in this battle of Xbox One versus PlayStation 4.

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