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Monday, 2 March 2015

Types of hackers and Hactivist

''Types of hackers and Hactivist ''

Hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, challenge or enjoyment.

Seven Types of Hackers:

White Hat Hackers:

These would be the Great guys ” specialists, hackers in diminishing pc security methods who utilize their capabilities permanently, and lawful reasons. They're pc security specialists who focus on other methods along with transmission assessment to make sure that there are a programs safe.

Black Hat Hackers:

Black-hat hackers would be the White-Hat hackers' reverse. These would be the criminals, the press that is most popular appears to concentrate on Black-Hat. They produce computer worms, or break right into pcs or systems. Black hat hackers break pc security for personal gain for example growing individual information available to thieves or robbing credit card figures.

A black-hat hacker who finds a new, “zero-day” security vulnerability would sell it to criminal organizations on the black market or use it to compromise computer systems.

Gray Hats Hackers:

They're between of Blackhat Hackers and White-Hat. they might officially make offenses and do perhaps illegal issues, although a grey cap doesn’t work with their very own individual gain or even to trigger carnage.

For instance, a black-hat hacker might bargain a PC system without authorization, vandalizing the system or robbing the information inside due to their personal acquire. A white hat hacker notify the business after diminishing it and might request authorization before screening the system’s security.


Politics or faith motivates some activists, while some may decide to reveal wrongdoing, or specific vengeance, or just frighten their goal due to their own amusement. They're referred to as Hacktivist.

State Sponsored Hackers:

Authorities around the world understand that it acts their goals that are military to become nicely situated online. The old saying used-to be, “He who regulates the planet is controlled by the oceans,” after which it had been, “He who regulates the atmosphere regulates the world.” Today it’s about cyberspace that is managing. State-sponsored hackers have unlimited financing and period to companies focus on civilians, and authorities.

Spy Hackers:

Companies employ hackers grab business strategies and to integrate your competition. They might hack in in the gain or exterior work to be able to behave as a mole. Traveler hackers might utilize comparable tactics but obtain compensated and their plan would be to assist their client’s objectives.

Cyber Terrorists:

These hackers inspired by governmental or spiritual values, make an effort to produce mayhem and concern by disrupting essential infrastructures. Cyber-terrorists are undoubtedly the absolute most harmful, having a wide selection of objectives and abilities. Cyber-Terrorists supreme determination would be to distribute horror concern and make homicide.

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