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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How to Manually Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 upgrade Manually:

Windows 10 was released by Microsoft towards the community. Whilst the OS in dunes is moving out, you might not have obtained the update in your Windows-7/8.1 machine however. However, if you’re can’t and like me delay to really get your hands on Windows 10, there’s a easy way of upgrading to Widows 10, an extremely simple method;

Just follow these steps to get started:

1) Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.

You’ll want to get the ISO in order to Upgrade to the Windows 10, Microsoft offers an official Tool to produce the Windows 10 ISO Download it  HERE.

2) Starting up the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.


Whenever you launch the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool , you'll discover the choices to Upgrade your PC or create an installation media for another Computer (or clean install). Since we’re concentrating on upgrading, we’ll pick the first option “Upgrade this PC now”. So, select and click

3) Download and Install Windows 10.


After hitting Next, the Media Creation Tool begins downloading Windows 10. Within this move, you’ll must wait a while and let the software download ISO. You should use keep using your PC, while it’s performing its point.

It’ll confirm the download once it’s finished getting Windows 10.


Once that’s completed, the device can now produce the Media (ISO) for that update procedure.


At this time, you’ll be requested to enter the product key, so go on and enter the product key and hit Next. Then, it’ll make to set up Windows 10 and check your product.


It’ll check for update once it’s completed preparing for that installation and obtain them if available. At this time, it might take some time based on whether there’s not or a brand new update. After it’s done checking for improvements, Windows 10 is going to be prepared to install.


While you can easily see the above screenshot, the Ready to Install page mentions the installations procedure could keep apps and individual documents - only for customers who’re unsure. Nevertheless, click on the Install button and it will start installing Windows 10.


At this time, it'll take a while,  therefore simply allow it to do its issue. Keep in mind that you simply can’t turn your PC off — you are able to do, but it is best to don’t do  as it might cause some problems.

After it’s completed Done doing that, your Computer you’ll begin to see the update page and may restart. At this time, it might take over 20 minutes to improve. Again, simply allow it to do its factor for it to complete and wait. As it might result in a large amount of problems Don’t switch off your PC possibly.

You’ll visit a delightful site where Windows 10 may mount all of the inventory apps and sign you in when the update procedure is performed.

And next, you’ll have the ability to use Windows 10!



  1. when I open the window 10 setup it says 'something couldn't start up properly, please reboot your PC', and have done this but still no results. What could be the problem?

  2. Thanks You for the great post. I have upgraded my windows to 10.