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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Breakthrough in Microbattery Technology Offers 30 Times More Power

There was a time when we used to charge our mobile and other devices, which used the battery a lot of times in a day. As the time moved on, the battery timings got better but according to King, battery technology has “lagged far behind” the technology it powers. As we speak, the Smartphones we use have evolved so much, but the better specs it has, the more recharging it requires. Most of the times, people leave really good performing devices just because they require charging once or twice a day. However, scientists now have been claiming to have made a huge leap in the power storage in the form of “Microbattery Technology”, giving lithium-ion batteries not just 2 or 3 but 30 times more power, and an ability to charge 1000 times faster than the conventional battery technology.  These micro batteries are so powerful that you can use your cellphone to jump start your car battery. The concept used for securing this great achievement is quite simple, though. The idea is to build extreme miniaturization of the conventional elements of a traditional battery, which are cathodes and anodes. Assembling these cathodes and anodes in a 3-dimensional microstructure, the researchers have developed what their press release is “a new way to integrate the two components at the microscale to make a complete battery with superior performance.”

[caption id="attachment_1018" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Microbattery Technology Microbattery Technology[/caption]

Microbattery Technology To Be Marketed

Scientists are now working on Microbattery Technology to make it more affordable and replace the conventional old batteries with this new concept. This time is not so much far away as according to King, they are passed the laboratory demonstration stage, and working with systems integrators now. According to him, this technology is going to be available for normal consumers in a couple of years and the first use of it would be to replace the supercapacitors in radios and personal electronics. A battery of this kind would make electric cars more practical and recharging them would cost less time than to fill up your gas tank. Solar power could be stored easily overnight with incredible efficiency and many devices that now mush be plugged in could be powered by these super batteries. Source Image Courtesy News Bureau Illinois &


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