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Saturday, 12 September 2015

How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Website

How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Website?

Most of the beginner bloggers are unaware of not only Alexa Rank, but also Alexa itself. After spending a lot of time and energy on writing great blog posts as well as doing a lot of social media marketing, beginners are still not able to get ads and attention from the peer bloggers of the same niche. Did you ever wonder that what makes your website or a blog to get attention from other bloggers? Did you ever think about checking the rank of your website that in this pool of bazillion websites, where does your website lie down? Because without any knowledge of your Alexa Rank, you’re just swimming in the ocean without any clear direction, and soon you will burn out all your energy and motivation.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a ranking website, one of the top most in the industry. It basically ranks your website not only on the basis of the traffic you are getting but also the backlinks you have, the average time a user spends on your website or blog, your bounce rate as well as the SEO optimization of your website.

How to Reach the Top on Alexa Rank?

In order to improve your Alexa Rank, you should take care of certain issues that might seem minor to you. But in reality, they prove to be the greatest hurdle in your growth.

  1. Always use premium themes. If you’re using a pirated and free version of a premium theme. Google and Alexa will definitely know that. So your speed in order to reach the top will be quite slow. Along with that, you will be always at a risk of getting hacked. Along with that, these pirated themes also lack some premium functions and codes, which basically help in making Alexa as well as Google to get more information from your website. A beginner blogger complained me about the issue. He was also using a free pirated version of a nice premium theme, but the theme wasn’t allowing Google analytics to work properly. So he had a very bad Alexa Rank, lower motivation.

  2. Write genuine content with no plagiarism at all. This is the key formula in order to give a boost to your Alexa Rank. If you are writing plagiarized content, Google will notice that and you will bear a risk of getting spammed and even banned by Google. If this is the case, then you will not appear in the search results at all. No SEO means no search engine traffic equals to more aggressive and tiresome social media referral traffic. Hence a slow speed in Alexa Rank.

  3. Write marketable content. If you’re writing something, which isn’t in the top interests of the readers these days, you are just playing nuts. You need to search for something related to your niche, which is trending and will most likely bring tons of traffic to your website. More traffic equals to improved Alexa Rank.

Moreover, you need to claim your website on Alexa by either putting a code file on your server or by including a code in your website’s code. It’s totally up to you. However, if you opt for some premium Alexa features, it will definitely help you get the boost you need for a better Alexa Rank. Alexa currently offers three different packages. Check out the image we have mentioned below to get a better understanding of all the three packages, which Alexa offers according to your own requirements.

[caption id="attachment_792" align="alignnone" width="713"]Three Packages to Get Better Insight and Improved Alexa Rank Three Packages to Getting Better Insight and Improved Alexa Rank[/caption]

Did you find this article helpful or not? Let us know in the comments whether these suggestions actually helped you with your Alexa Rank or not.


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