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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

OFF Page SEO, Worth the Hardwork?

Most of the new bloggers have no clue about the Off Page SEO. In fact, they don’t know about SEO as these things come after a little hard work. Now bloggers can study a lot about off page SEO in the .pdf books provided by several bloggers for free. But seriously, do you have enough time in the world to go through all that loads of information?


Your overall SEO depends upon on page and off page SEO. Off page SEO is basically the techniques dependent on presence of your material and links on social media, social bookmarking websites, and off course, the legendary “link building” process. Previously off page SEO was completely thought to be building more and more links however, social media has revolutionized everything. It can never replace the impact of link building off course, but it does develop your brand name. Second, it can bring mass traffic to your website in minutes. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to make excellent followers on your social media platform. Ones who do regularly pay you a visit, spend sometime, and are also interested in some of the stuff you have advertised. Social media does that very efficiently.


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There Any Effect of Social Bookmarking Websites on Your Off Page SEO

Yes, social bookmarking websites are still very active now. Stumbleupon is a living example of it. They are a very good source of traffic and link building. Remember that users of social bookmarking websites are very mature and precious. So one hit by them would definitely give you clicks, and a little more time than a normal user on your website.

What Are the Benefits of OFF Page SEO?

A very easy to answer question. Off Page SEO

  • Brings more traffic to your website, hence increases your Alexa Traffic Rankings.

  • Increases your Page Rank. Although, it’s one out of 250 factors that Google is using to rank websites, still this rank is very important for your website’s growth. As it shows the importance of your website in the eyes of Google. Bless Larry page of inventing this!

  • So what’s the bottom line? With more higher rankings, your website gets more exposure as it appears in the top results and the traffic keeps on increasing. So do the benefits.

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An Infographic on The Importance of Off Page SEO

[caption id="attachment_798" align="alignnone" width="509"]An infograhic on OFF Page SEO An infograhic on OFF Page SEO[/caption]

Do let us know in the comments, whether this post helped you with your OFF Page SEO or not.

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