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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Quick Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing

It’s considered really hard to kick start Affiliate Marketing especially when you’re new in this field of online marketing.

Most of the times, people believe it to be a really hard task to start Affiliate Marketing on their websites. But in reality, all it requires is to focus on what do you want to achieve? Affiliate marketing is considered to be the future of online marketing. One of its main reasons is that affiliate marketing doesn’t work on hunches and guesses. You get paid only when you’re add actually ends up with some visitor ordering an item you have advertised on your website. Off course, not most of the visitors will make a purchase but still, the good part is the return. Affiliate marketing provides you with more profits as compared to CPC and CPM networks.

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How to Develop a Strategy to Kick Start Affiliate Marketing Sales

Most of the new online entreapreneurs don’t have a clear idea about doing affiliate marketing as well as the techniques they should follow to become successful. Most of the people think that you need to blog in order to become an affiliate marketeer. Honestly, it is a wrong idea. Using blog to start affiliate marketing is just one out hundreds of other ways to affiliate products. Here is how you can be a successful affiliate marketeer. Just understand and follow the points mentioned below.

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Quick Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing:

  • You need to have a strong social media presense. Branding your ownself gaurantees more sales and loyal customers. This way, companies and organizations will approach you themselves.

  • Don’t rely on single affiliate marketing networks. Search and hunt for different products “Relevent” to your niche.

  • Only go for those affiliate networks, which have decent commission as well as good reputation.

  • Look at the product before affiliating it. Try to search for those products which are recent as well as hot selling in the market.

  • Never go for such products, which are in the top hot sellers from quite a long time. What do you think? Would you be the only one affiliating for that product?

  • Don’t rely only on you website, let it be an online store, a review website, a blog or any other kind of a website. You need to make your posts viral on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest as well as google plus.

  • If you’re a blogger, remember that providing in text imageless ads will bring 99% of sales as compared to the visual adds on the right coloum of your website.

  • Similarly, the link that you get for a certain product, which has your ID in it, you can always share it as a beautiful post on your social media networks. It will increase your CTR a lot, and you might end up getting a couple of sales.

  • Write a review for a certain product, an honest review with its pro’s and con’s and then give a “Buy It Now” textual add within that review. It is a tiring job to do, but it has its own real benefits.

Make a Proper Strategy to Start Affiliate Marketing

Never forget that making a proper strategy is the key to success. Don’t look at a product as it’s just a product. Look at it as a way of generating money and sales. Be rational, and search for the right product. Let it be something you can use in your real life, or some software. Create some extra oridinary posts about a bunch of online wordpress themes, write a post on some new amazing christmas deal, or give a review of a new camera. Select 20 marketable products and post them on your social media networks, do this or develop your own strategy, the key to success is to focus and keep on thinking, searching and advertising. As I always say, Genius works smart, and donkey works hard. Be a genius, and let us know in the comments, whether you found these guidelines to start affiliate marketing helpful or not.

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