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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Renowned Animal Trainer Caught On Film Beating Hollywood Tiger

Hollywood’s once-esteemed animal trainer, Michael Hackenberger, is under fire after video of him savagely beating a tiger was revealed to the world. 

In a statement, PETA wrote that the video shows Hackenberger “savagely beating a young Siberian tiger up to 20 times on the face and body with a whip.”

Since the release of the video, reports Ecorazzi, Hackenberger has issued a video response titled, “Our Response to PETA’s Lies.” 

In the video, he states: “I do not strike this animal. I do not strike him. I strike the ground beside him.”

In another statement, the animal rights organization stated:

“Michael Hackenberger was caught on camera repeatedly and viciously striking a young tiger who lay cowering on his back out of fear and discussing the most effective ways to hit animals, stating quite plainly, ‘I like hitting him in the face’ – yet Hackenberger lies even about having said this. Wild animals like Uno perform stressful and confusing tricks because they’re terrified that they’ll be beaten if they don’t. There is no excuse for beating an animal, any more than there is for hitting a child.”

This isn’t the first time Hackenberger has gotten into trouble for mistreating animals. In August, the trainer was faced with severe criticism when he swore at a baboon who fell off a pony during a live television stunt. He later apologized for the offensive language.




  1. I would do anything for a chance to test Michaels training methods on him.

  2. It is simple, with such advance technology and all the CGI that we have available ,no wild animals should be used in entertainment. -Vishal Kawatra

  3. I agree, but in the meantime - this guy should never be allowed to train animals again.

  4. This article is half ass biased and you and your stupid website should apologize publically
    watch the zoos response to the petas video

  5. the real story behind this video is posted on youtube by the trainer himself explaining his training. he does not continuously hit the tiger, he hits the floor. this is PETA making lies up. if you really care about animals do NOT support PETA

  6. Thank you Nick for posting this video. In the past I have been told about the terrible lies that PETA post but have not believed them. They should be ashamed!

  7. I love animals and am really sensitive to any form of abuse and I feel more strongly about say a dog getting abused than a person most of the time..I'm not defending that stance just giving you the reader a clearer picture of who I am...that said .. This article and video clearly show at least to my eyes the scare tactics used by PETA to fill their coffers... Clear Hegelian dialectic...